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Work at Home Jobs - India II

workathomedesk.com pointer Paid Surveys in India

With the emergence of India as leading player in IT industry and one of the fastest growing economyin the world. Many prestigious online survey sites accept members from India and some are in the process of setting up separate paid survey panels for Indians, like Ciao Survey of UK has started doing seperate surveys for India. Check out and join surveys given below.You can expect many more survey companies coming to India. Keep visiting ! Survey companies paying money for taking surveys are included here.

Most of the survey companies pay through paypal - Make Paypal Account

workathomedesk.com pointer Global Test Market
workathomedesk.com pointer American Consumer Opinion
workathomedesk.com pointer Planet Pulse
workathomedesk.com pointer Brand Institute
workathomedesk.com pointer Survey Savvy
workathomedesk.com pointer Clear Voice Surveys
workathomedesk.com pointer Ciao Surveys India
workathomedesk.com pointer Corp Scan Online
workathomedesk.com pointer Earn Money from your Blog New

Today people all over the world are blogging. CEOs, doctors, lawyers, journalists, chefs, florists, school students, mothers. Even babies can make it ...:) It's too simple. The best part about blogs is that anyone can make one. Blogging requires very little or no knowledge of HTML or designing. If you can a paragraph, you can blog. You can make blog on virtually anything from your favourite hobby to your business.

Have you ever thought that the blog could make money for you? Blogging is a lifestyle friendly way of making extra money, as you can do this from the comfort of your own home. Lets now take a look at the ways using which you could make money blog from your blog.

I have explained every thing from making of blog to ways of earning money, including blog writing tips and blog promotion. This is an incredible opportunity of making money. I suggest don't loose this opportunity, Explore it !

Make your Blog & Earn Money !

workathomedesk.com pointer ibibo.com - Paid to blog - New
  Make your blog promote it and make money. There are so many ways you can accumulate your earning on ibibo. Ibibo is quiet good news for Indians who wants to make money from their PC at home.
workathomedesk.com pointer Medical Transcription - Acusis India - New

Acusis is the pioneer of home-based medical transcription in India. According to the CEO of Acusis, David Iwenski, India was selected to set up their business because of the country's high literacy rate and excellent English language skills.

The Acusis corporate headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Acusis' India headquarters is in Bangalore with additional offices in Mysore, Chennai, & Coimbatore being added to our growing roster of new locations.

Acusis offers the best of both worlds: home-based flexibility and a rewarding occupation with a professionally-driven company. Since Acusis have a per line quantity- and quality-dependent payment system, Acusis HTs can plan the amount of work they would like to perform on a daily basis.

Apply To Become Acusis Home Transcriptionist !

  Other Campanies Providing Home Based Medical Transcription in India :
workathomedesk.com pointer Spryance
workathomedesk.com pointer Focus Infosys
workathomedesk.com pointer Hexlogicals
workathomedesk.com pointer Vishwa Transcription Services
workathomedesk.com pointer CG Meditrans
workathomedesk.com pointer A company with 4 years of excellent record looking for 25 home based MTs and 10 home based QAs to join our existing large pool of home based MTs. Pay is excellent.. We run 2 shifts; day shift and night shift and MTs willing to work full time can apply via mail. Send your resume to rxinfotech@eth.net. For full details about our company you can visit www.rxdoqmed.com (Ad posted on MTjobs Forum on 2 May 2007)


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