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Design Your Website

Learn to build your very own personal Web page from scratch. Everything from building with or without HTML, to getting your Web site online and submitting it to search engines.

You can design your website either in raw HTML code or with html editors, like Dreanweaver.

Learning html and coding your web site in raw HTML by hand is by far the most difficult way to go if you have never done it before. It requires that you learn not only learn HTML but that you also work with the vision of your design in your head. You do not have to know html in order to use a web page software application also known as an html editor.

The easiest kind of website software to use is called a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get). Designing web sites has never been easier. Using web design software to build your web site can save you a lot of time and in some cases you may never need to write a single line of HTML.

I personally do not design pages with raw html code but almost every day I find a reason to look at the html code of a website that I am working on and fix something or change something to make it work better. So it is definitely important that you learn how to read html if only because you will run into situations where you might need to modify the code itself. I ran into this a lot when I used to design pages with Dreamweaver.

Now I can easily look at html and see what is happening in the code. I can do all this but I still can not design a page 100% in html so you do not have to learn so that you become an expert at html, You need to know just enough to identify an area of the code that you want to fix. I learned html by reading the html code of web sites that I liked on the web. So knowledge of HTML helps you lot.

Troubleshooting becomes much easier, you'll recognize the code that you need to find and you'll immediately be able to fix it on the spot. HTML Editors will not always give you the result that you may have hoped for and sometimes it is neccessary to ed it the html code manually to get a specific result.

You can learn html at HTML.net

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