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Online Money Making

There are myriad ways to make money online. Wetell you ideas, help, resources, advice and tips on the best and legitimate ways of making money online. We enlist only trusted & free online money making resources, no "easy or fast online money making" & "get-rich-quick schemes".

All online money earning resources are free to join. Register yourself and get started. Mostly can be done from anywhere and pays through Paypal. You are sure to find something that suits your particular interests of making money online from home.

pointer Amazon Mechanical Turks - INT'L
  Web site of Amazon offers human solutions to tasks can not be done by computers. Amazon's Mechanical Turk pays people to perform tasks that computers can't easily do, such as fill out opinion surveys, research on internet, article writing, transcribe audiotapes, tagging.
pointer Bukisa - Earn from your Articles - INT'L
  Bukisa is a place for authors, contributors and writers to share their knowledge, works and teachings and earn profit from unique sharing model. You will receive therecurrent revenues that generated by your articles via PayPal within approximately 30 days. Minimum payout is $10. Joining Bukisa is free!
pointer Break.com : Earn from Video - INT'L
  Break.com is one of the largest video entertainment destinations online. Upload and host your Videos & Pictures on your personal Break Page. Get paid up to $2,000 if your original video is posted on our homepage. Get paid $25 if your original picture appears in a gallery.
pointer Ciao! - Earn Money Rating Products - INT'L
  Ciao! is the most active consumer reviews site in Europe. Membership of Ciao entitles you to earn money for your per opinions written on such varied subject as books, films, cars, websites...just about anything you can use or buy! Remember, your review must be at least 120 words long to meet Ciao's requirements.
pointer eHow : Write "How-to" Articles - USA Only
  Write "how-to" articles and earn money for your contribution. With eHow's Writer Compensation Program, users can earn money based on article performance. Payments are made each month through PayPal. , only those based in the US can participate in the WCP. Sign up for eHow's WCP--shorthand for Writer's Compensation Program. It's fast and easy.
pointer Grade Guru : Share your Notes - USA & UK
  Earn money online by sharing your lecture notes, study guides, outlines and more! You earn rewards in the form of points when you contribute good notes to our site. The better the notes, the more the points. Can acquire even more points when other view your notes. You can claim your rewards as cash. Will pay you via PayPal or straight into your bank account, whatever is easiest for you.
pointer myLot : Paid to Participate in Discussions & Posting Comment - INT'L

myLot is a growing community of individuals from around the world who enjoy sharing information, meeting new people, and helping each other out. Members of the community are rewarded for their valuable contributions through monthly earnings payouts.

pointer Review Stream : Review Products - INT'L
  If you love to write then Review Stream is the place for you. You get paid to review products such as electronics, movies, restaurants, books and just about everything. The minimum payout is $50 and payout is via paypal. Current review rate is $ 2.00 per review.
pointer Shvoong : Write Summaries & Reviews - INT'L
  Write a summary or review of any published written text, written in your own words. you may choose any published book, article, newspaper, movie, website or academic work. Your summary should be up to 900 words long. Shvoong pays 10% of its advertising revenues to the writers. Your share will be in accordance with your abstract’s popularity. Paid through Paypal.
pointer Slice the Pie : Review Tracks - INT'L
  Slice the Pie or STP is a site where you get paid to review tracks. The more reviews you make, the more money you can earn. Write constructive reviews, over 100 characters – reviews that will be helpful to the Artists. The minimum payout is 5 pounds and payments are sent via paypal.
pointer Share A Pic - INT'L
  Shareapic is a free service that allows its users to upload and host images and get paid from them. We pay $0.22 per 1000 pic views. Ggenerally pay out NET 7 (every 7 business days) as long as your account balance is over $20.00. Currently all payments are sent via PayPal.
pointer Today - INT'L
  Today.com is the fastest growing blog network on the web. It features bloggers/writers from all walks of life who write about what they please. In addition, writing for Today.com requires absolutely no prior experience. Bloggers are paid $2.00 for every one thousand (1,000) visitors. Pay is via Paypal.
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