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PrimaryAds is relatively a new affiliate network that shows a strong potential to be a great source of income for your website. They are a medium size network and more than 200 merchants are available. Majority of their are pay per sale and pay per lead basis: they do also offer pay per click programs.

One of the PrimaryAds strength is their commitment to support their affiliates. When you sign up to use their network, they assign you Affiliate Manager', who can offer an advice on which program best match for your site's audience and which one will convert the best for you.

PrimaryAds is dedicated to bring their affiliates the best commission possible...and it shows. Their commission rates are fair and their programs tends to convert well. In addition to normal buttons, banners and text links, they offer a co-registration program that makes it easy to add checks boxes to your online forms and integrates various programs in to your sign up forms.

PrimaryAds maintains the highest payouts of any affiliate network. The minimum check that will be sent out is $25. PrimaryAds mailed out our checks on the 1st of each month for commissions earned on a net 30 basis. For example, for leads or sales generated during January, PrimaryAds would send out your check on March 1st.

You will earn 10% of all the commissions earned by your referral for as long as you are a member of the PrimaryAds network. The 10% is paid by PrimaryAds, not the affiliate you referred.

In addition their customers service staff is very accessible, happy to help you and take your feedback and suggestions. Once you are signed-up, you will have access to the PrimaryAds network. Here you can check stats, which are updated in real-time, and you can see all of our current campaigns

Overall, PrimaryAds is a great new affiliate network and is highly recommended for all sites, small or large.

Join PrimaryAds !


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