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Affiliate Networks List

I have complied comprehensive list of affiliate networks from where you can get dozens of affiliate programs for your web site. It is of no use giving you hundreds of affiliate network links. I have summerised the best 25 affiliate networks on web.

Most of the affliate Network pays monthly via check.

Featured Affiliate Networks :
Commission Junction
  The Commission Junction is also known as "CJ". For anyone looking to make some big bucks through affiliate advertising, one destination that you must seek is Commission Junction. CJ is probably the largest network of affiliates and merchants on the Internet. With a number of online giants behind it, a detailed reporting system and a huge ad selection, Commission Junction offers a bevy of choices almost guaranteed to boost your bottom line.

Earn High Income From Your Website. ClixGalore Affiliate Networks is a very good affiliate network that has hundreds of merchants listed with them. They pay on time everytime. They offer a lot of cpa, cps programs and a few cpm affiliate programs that you can take part in. This affiliate network is big and it's still growing bigger day by day! Well worth joining ! Join Free !!

  Linkshare is the other top affiliate network providing affiliates access to hundreds of merchants. They host some pretty big name merchants and sign-up is easy. Their tracking isn't quite as user friendly as CJ, but the programs they provide are high quality. LinkShare also provides affiliates with customer service and offers resources for affiliates to learn about how to get the most out of their programs
  PrimaryAds is a relatively new affiliate network that shows a strong potential to be a great source of income for your site. They are a medium sized network. The majority of their programs pay on either a per sale or per lead basis; they do also offer pay per click programs. One of PrimaryAds’s strengths is their commitment to supporting their affiliates. When you sign up to use the network, they assign you an ‘Affiliate Manager’, who can offer advice on which programs best match your site’s audience and which ones will convert the best for you.
CPA Empire
  CPAEmpire, one of the largest Advertising Networks, is proud to offer a wide variety of services to assist with your marketing needs. CPAEmpire is known for promoting and rewarding excellence within affiliate base. CPAempire promises weekly payments, real-time reporting and live customer service.
  This mainly performance-based ad network pays out more $3 million a month. It has more than 100 advertisers, including large companies. It promises "guaranteed highest CPA payouts" and fanatical customer support. Most of your site's traffic must orignate within the US and Canada and you must receive more than 25,000 impressions a month.
  A large network offering hundreds of programs – pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click programs. More than 700 merchants. It has a strong pro-affiliate attitude and despises parasites. Has lots of datafeeds
  In 1999, Cofounder Jeff Pryor recognized a need in the advertising industry to create an online service dedicated to flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy. Its been the experience of many webmasters and sites that Fastclick is something really special. If you can get accepted by them, you can be sure of one of the most comprehensive ad networks ever known. They have the best ad serving technology around, with amazing statistics and a fantasic interface which is intuitive.


  Tradedoubler is a pan-european affiliate network that has been in business for over 7 years now. It currently operates in 16 countries and aims to be the leading affiliate network in the European Union.
  Professional, UK-based affiliate network. Provides more than 200 merchants to choose from, including well known brands. Offers affiliate programs for web sites running in UK pounds, US dollars and Euros. There are no minimum traffic requirements. "We are fully aware that the low traffic website of today might grow to become what we call premiere partner tomorrow," Affiliate Window says.
  Highly professional site with some well known brands. Performics' clients include: America Online, Blair Corp., Bose, CompUSA, Eddie Bauer, HP Shopping, Kohl's, L.L.Bean, PC Connection, RedEnvelope, Verizon Wireless, and more than 200 others. Performics is owned by DoubleClick. Payments are made once you have earned $50.00 in commissions. Payments are made bi-monthly. You will receive payments by check.
Affiliate Fuel
  They have lots of options for you to choose the right program for your campaign. They have an extensive glossary to help those who need/want to know the difference between CPC and CTR. (Nice feature!). Lead stats are updated hourly and click stats are updated every four hours.

They have over 180 different advertiser offers available, several network opportunities available and top sites generating as much as $ 150,000.00 a month ! Several million dollars paid out to their affiliates in 1999 alone ! This is a very worthwhile affiliate network for you to join.

  MaxBounty promises "the highest CPAs in the market". It accepts affiliates from all countries, and pays affiliates in their local currency from local banks, to avoid large check fees. Payments are consolidated into one check. It has added Sub-ID tracking so that affiliates can track which of their surfers signed up for what offer. This is popular with reward site affiliates. MaxBounty now allows merchants to run their own affiliate program in an open marketplace format described as similar to that of the big three networks, only at a much more affordable price - namely no fees at all for 2005. Worth keeping an eye on.
  A new affiliate network with a great attitude. The people running it have impressive marketing experience. This network is worth keeping an eye on.
  Another new affiliate network, promising affiliates and merchants reliable tracking and reporting. "A simple user interface enables affiliate marketers to easily maximize results. Our dedicated affiliate team provides responsive, personalized support to build profitable affiliate relationships," ShareResults says. Some merchants have been signed up and should appear on the site soon.
  A cost-per-action network providing a wide variety of offers, including exclusive offers. Consolidates payouts into one monthly check or PayPal payment. Claims to be the fastest growing affiliate network on the Internet. You need only 100 visitors a month.
Lead Hound
  Launched in December 1999, Leadhound.com has rapidly grown as a popular affiliate network. Recently upgraded stats reporting and over a 100 programs makes this worth a look.
  Has a wide variety of big name, high quality, high paying "cost per action" sponsors. High tech control panel, live stats. Includes a free fully maintained freebie website and referral program.
  LinkConnector offers pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale programs. Sign up process was simple and easy. About a 150 merchants to choose from.
  Advertising.com, which is owned by AOL, operates in the UK, US, France, Germany and Scandinavia.
  A fairly small number of high quality merchants with strong brands. Reliable payment and offers a full range of Internet marketing services.
  DirectLeads combines both pay-per-lead and pay-per-click programs and allows you to select which offers best target your web site's visitors. Commission tracking statistics are updated on their web site in real-time.
  AvantLink, launched late in 2005, is a parasite-free, innovative affiliate network "developed by and for affiliate marketing professionals". It which offers merchants three datafeed options. It has a small number of merchants so far. Worth watching.
  DarkBlue offers more than 130 affiliate programs. It has an unusual operating method which it says allows it to pay some of the best CPA commissions on the Internet. Payouts are consolidated into one payment.


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