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Note: Companies listed here either offer ongoing job opportunities or hire periodically. Please visit their corporate web sites and review their present hiring status.
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pointer 199 Query - Australia
  199QUERY are looking for creative Australian based people with a desire to work out the unknown to answer questions. 199QUERY offers the chance to earn some $$ doing exactly that!
pointer AQA 63336
  We're looking for more researchers to help AQA 63336 answer the thousands of questions we get every day. You need to be fluent in English, with excellent writing skills. We provide computer systems that help you research answers quickly, but you also need to be able to use your own knowledge, and internet search skills, to help come up with great answers for our customers. We're currently looking for researchers based in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Canada only.
pointer Bid Ocean : Internet Researcher
  Currently accepting applications only from those outside the US and Canada. Full time position for Internet research and data entry. Use the Bid Ocean software system to find and enter tender (bid) information from various sources and enter it into an online form.
pointer ChaCha : Mobile Answering Guide - USA
  We are building a world calss mobile answering service. ChaCha Guides help answer questions from our customers. As a guide you simply login and help customer get the anwser they need. We pay you for your brainpower. You work from your home.
pointer ClicknWork - Web Searchers
  Organizations need access to good, up to date information, and as part of our research offerings we locate and collate relevant material from the Web. We need good home-based Web Searchers to help us. To do this work, Web Searchers first have to qualify by passing our online tests. We pay per accepted reference, paying more for highly relevant material.
pointer Calysto : Research Freelancer
  Calysto Communications is seeking self-motivated research freelancers. The responsibilities include: data entry into databases, accurate research with an estimated 100-150 contacts entered into the database per week with correct information. Calysto will only pay you $0.30 per correct entry entered into the database.
pointer Kgbkgb : Mobile Text Answering
  To research and respond to 2-way text inquiries quickly and accurately. Special Agents combine ingenuity with research skills to solve real problems for real people every day. Some questions require a serious answer, others require a sense of humor, and some require both. Compensation is "per piece" and is based on response type.
pointer ILRG : Online Legal Researcher - USA & Canada
  Maximilian Ventures LLC, which owns and operates ILRG, is seeking to hire law students and recent law school graduates in the U.S. and Canada to work part-time or full-time on new product and content development. We offer a virtual work environment that enables you to work remotely from anywhere. Hours are flexible, and compensation is competitive. You must have strong online legal research and computer skills.
pointer Mahalo : Search Result Guides
  Mahalo Greenhouse is where talented Greenhouse Guides help Mahalo create the best search results pages (SeRPs) on the Internet. Write the best search result pages you can. Mahalo Greenhouse Guides are paid for each search result page accepted for inclusion on Mahalo.com.
pointer Mintel International : Researcher - INT'L
  At Mintel, we are looking to build and develop our network of research consultants around the world who are available to work on a freelance basis, primarily to support commissioned bespoke market intelligence research projects. Candidates can be located in any major city, but must be fluent in English and have computer and internet access.
pointer Strategic Research Network : Researcher
  Strategic Research Network conducts custom research for companies and individuals. Through a national network of independent Researchers. Marketing Partners work from their own home office, run their own schedule, and don't make any type of investment.
pointer Texperts
  Texperts work for themselves, getting paid for every question they answer and most, with a few miles under their belt, earn £6-£10 an hour. They enjoy the complete flexibility of the role. They work from home and choose shifts that fit around their lifestyles. You must be available to work evenings and weekends, and you’ll need broadband access at home. Texperts are contractors, so although our main offices are in the UK, Texperts can work and get paid anywhere in the world.
pointer Welcome Neighbor : Researcher
  WelcomeNeighbor.com is a young and exciting company whose vision is to provide an on-line experience that helps neighbors easily discover relevant, local information, whether it is across the street or across the country. At present, we are hiring people to download test scores for public and charter schools for each state in the United States. Pay: $11/ hr.
pointer Weegy : Search Expert
  Become a Knowledge Expert. Earn extra income! The expert is given 15 seconds to answer, and is paid .20 a conversation. The pay out is $20.00. Weegy is open, central time from 9:00 a.m. to 2;00 PM 7 days a week.
See Today's Latest Work at Home Job Leads. Updated Daily!
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