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Get Paid to Post

There are many forums which often claim to pay members for there posts. Most of these sites do this as a promotion to gain both activity and members to a newly launched forum.

It is very difficult to get it off to a good start for a newly launched forum. Unless you have posts, you can't get new members, and unless you have new members you can't get posts. Therefore there must be an incentive to join a forum. Incentives include unique ideas, knowledgable members, and most important, the rewards that members receive. These rewards can be in the form of information, or in our case cash. Forum admins often use cash to bring in large numbers of members as well as activity. They can pay per post, per referral, or have various other ways to reward members with cash incentives.

Note: Companies listed here either offer ongoing job opportunities or hire periodically. Please visit their corporate web sites and review their present hiring status.
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Get Paid to Post Forums Listing
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See Today's Latest Work at Home Job Leads. Updated Daily!
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