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Voice Over Talents - Earn Money from your Voice


If you have talent of voice, many opportunities are waiting for you to earn money from home. You may need to have your own ISDN studio or your location should be near that of company's studio.www.reeftiger.it

Note: Companies listed here either offer ongoing job opportunities or hire periodically. Please visit their corporate web sites and review their present hiring status.
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pointer Ear Works
  We’re always on the hunt for fresh new voice talent. Read the following list thoroughly to see if you have what it takes to be considered. You must have your own home ISDN setup, OR live within reasonable driving distance of Virginia Beach and have a considerable amount of professional experience behind a microphone and in front of clients.
pointer Marketing Mania, Inc.
  Be heard! Utilize Marketing Mania's efforts to bring your voice to the forefront of the voice over industry. We define professional voice talent as those who are available almost immediately 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday, have their own studio, are able to upload mp3 files to our website and have the availability to phone patch from their studio. Access to an ISDN transceiver at no additional charge if we are originating the connection is seen as a plus and you will be considered more seriously for our pool if you do have one. It is also seen as a plus if you have all of the required demos as you will be more bookable to us if you do have them.
pointer Opuzz Voice Talent
  Thank you for interest in opening your very own Opuzz Voice Store! Opening an Opuzz Voice Store is easy and open to all voice talents. However, all talents must have the following to ensure that consistency and quality is ensured, and that the submission is approved & the store is built...ready for potential customers! Access to a recording studio that has Internet access.
pointer ProComm
  Voice Talent - We’re constantly expanding our worldwide voice roster. Want to have your voice made available to thousands of top ad agencies and work with the cool ProComm team? We can't promise anything but if your style fills a niche we don't have, this could be the start of a great relationship! You must either live within one hour of our North Carolina studios, or you must have your own ISDN studio.
pointer Sun Spots Productions
  Sunspots Productions is always seeking fresh new voices. Our clients constantly ask for them so here's your chance to join the SunSpots team! Here's all you need to join us...
  • Must have an ISDN voice over booth or have access to a professional recording studio with ISDN
  • ISDN Booth or Studio must pass an audio test with SunSpots audio engineers
  • If no ISDN voice booth available you must be able to come in for sessions in Asheville, NC or Orlando, FL
  • Must be accessible for voice over script auditions
  • Must be available during standard business hours
pointer The Web Voice
  We truly appreciate that you want to be a part of our voice talent team. We'd also like to invite all professional, experienced voice talents the opportunity to be a part of our Web site and join an amazing array of talent already getting noticed and getting work on thewebvoice.com! Voice talent with studio? Have ISDN? Great! We're especially interested in hearing your work.
pointer Vox Talent - Canada
  Vox -Talent is Canada's longest-established, largest, and most reliable source for non union voice over talent. Submit your Demo.
See Today's Latest Work at Home Job Leads. Updated Daily!
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